Getting Ready for the Market - Outside!

I think everyone agrees that fresh mulch is a must when you are putting your house on the market. Here are 10 other "shoulds" for you!
1. Powerwash the exterior. Call a pro and get it done right so you don't end up with damaged screens or siding. It will really brighten up the whole experience for buyers. It's pretty amazing what an absence of dust and spider webs can do for a house!
2. Clean your front porch light fixtures. And your lights at the garage. And the back porch. If they are rusty, replace them. Use LCD bulbs, not CFL's!
3. Edge the lawn. A nice clean edge on the driveway and sidewalk is the beginning of a great showing!
4. Trim or replace overgrown bushes. Nothing should be touching the house or overhanging the roof. A branch that brushes the shingles is a branch that is causing damage to your roof! I sometimes think that there should be a rule that nothing with bark should be within a couple of feet of the house. Stand back and look at any mature trees on your property. Are they healthy? Is there a dead limb that should come down?
5. Clean your patio furniture, throw in a couple of colorful outdoor pillows, and open that umbrella for photos and then for showings. Don't leave it open though, a strong wind can wreak havoc!
6. Consider removing the screens from the main floor windows. It makes the house look brighter from both inside and out. Wash and store the screens in an orderly fashion in the garage or the basement, feel free to label them for the new owner!
7. Get out the blower and give the garage a once-over. It won't take long and it will look so much better.
8. Weather permitting, add a splash of color to the front porch and your flower beds, with blooming annuals.
9. Wash the windows and let the sunshine in.
10. Keep the grass mowed and watered. If you feel the need to fertilize, take care not to overdo it and cause brown patches!
People tend to make up their minds about a house in about the first 10 seconds. Give them a chance to fall in love with your house by making the very first impression a good one!
Ask your agent for a good landscaping company that can do some of this spruce up for you. It will be worth every penny!

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